As soon as we found out the finalists of the ATP Challenger Split Open and announced the winners in doubles, the draw for the new Split tournament took place. It starts on Sunday with the qualifying matches.



Unfortunately, Borna Gojo is not in the draw for the individual competition of the next Split Open, due to injury. The tennis player from Split healed his back to some extent, but as the director of the tournament, Ismar Moralić, said, there were problems with his shoulder as well. Gojo was forced to cancel his performance in singles. However, currently, he is still registered in the doubles competition with Nino Serdarušić.
Duje Kekez will take Gojs's place in the main tournament with an invitation, who faces the Australian Aleksandar Vukić. Duje Ajduković also got a tough opponent, Thanasi Kokkinakis, while Serdarušić plays with the No 5 seed, Kimmer Coppejans. In other words, the Croats were not very lucky.


This week's finalist, and perhaps the winner, Blaž Kavčič won a direct entry to the main draw, and his opponent will be the second seed, Marc Polmans. The No 1 seed is a Frenchman, Gregoire Barrere (ATP 116), and among the other holders is the talented young Hugo Gaston from France, who became famous last year at Roland Garros when, on the way to the eighth-finals, he knocked out Wawrinka and defeated Thiem in five sets, then Mohamed Safwat, Lorenzo Giustino, Filip Horansky, and Steven Diez.


Interestingly, the losing semifinalists on Saturday, Andrea Collarini and Kacper Žuk are the top two qualifiers. In the first round, Žuk was connected with our Mili Poljičak and Collarini with the German Lenz. In addition to Poljičak, the Croatian representatives in the qualifiers are Viktor Galović, who is looking for a surprise against the No 3 seed, Zdenek Kolar, then Božo Barun, who plays with fourth-placed Gian Marco Moroni. There is also Frane Ninčević, who got Tristan Lamasine. Qualifications start on Sunday at 11 am, at the same time as the finals between Blaž Rola and Blaž Kavčič, which will be held at the Central Court.


In the doubles competition, we will again have four doubles - brothers Ivan and Matej Sabanov, Marin Jakić and Karl Krolo, Duje Ajduković and Fran Ninčević, and Borna Goja with Nino Serdarušić. The latter double has the toughest rivals, last week's champions Andrey Golubev and Alexander Nedovyesov.



Barrere (Fra, 1) – qualifier/lucky loser/SE*
Masur (Nje) – Halys (Fra)
Kokkinakis (Aus, PR) – Ajduković (Cro, WC)
Brown (Nje, PR) – Horansky (Svk, 7)
Safwat (Egi, 4) – Bourgue (Fra)
Bolt (Aus) – Domingues (Por)
Kvalifikant/lucky loser/SE – Istomin (Uzb)
Kvalifikant/lucky loser/SE – Giustino (Ita, 6)
Coppejans (Bel, 5) – Serdarušić (Cro, WC)
Muller (Fra) – E. Ymer (Šve)
Ilkel (Tur) – Couacaud (Fra)
Kvalifikant/lucky loser/SE – Gaston (Fra, 3)
Diez (Kan, 8) – Marterer (Nje)
Qualifier/lucky loser/SE – Rosol (Češ)
Kekez (Hrv, WC) – Vukić (Aus)
Kavčič (Slo, SE) – Polmans (Aus, 2)
*special exempt – posebni izuzetak


Collarini (Arg, 1) – Lenz (Nje)
Bašić (BiH) – Wu (Tpe, 5)
Žuk (Polj, 2) – Poljičak (Cro, WC)
Ninčević (Hrv, WC) – Lamasine (Fra, 7)
Kolar (Češ, 3) – Galović (Hrv)
Karlovski (Rus) – Viola (Ita)
Moroni (Ita, 4) – Barun (Cro, WC)
Moraing (Nje) – Klein (Svk, 8)




Molčanov/Reid (Ukr/Aus, 1) – Coppejans/Martos Gornes (Bel/Špa)
Barrere/Olivetti (Fra) – I. Sabanov/M. Sabanov (Cro)
Galloway/Lawson (SAD, 3) – Cerretani/Halys (SAD/Fra)
Doumbia/Reboul (Fra) – Jakić/Krolo (Cro, WC)
Drzewiecki/Masur (Polj/Nje) – Ajduković/Ninčević (Cro, WC)
Walkow/Zielinski (Polj) – Raja/Weissborn (Ind/Aut, 4)
Kolar/Rosol (Češ) – Margaroli/Shamasdin (Švi/Kan)
Gojo/Serdarušić (Cro, WC) – Golubev/Nedovjesov (Kaz, 2)


Schedule for Sunday, April 11th
Center Court (from 11 am)
Finale Split Opena 1: Kavčič (Slo, Q) – Rola (Slo, 6)
Moroni (Ita) – Barun (Cro)
Collarini (Arg) – Lenz (Nje)
3 Court (from 11 am)
Kolar (Češ) – Galović (Cro)
Moraing (Nje) – Klein (Svk)
Žuk (Polj) – Poljičak (Cro)
4 Court (from 11 am)
Karlovski (Rus) – Viola (Ita)
Bašić (BiH) – Wu (Tpe)
Ninčević (Cro) – Lamasine (Fra)