Photo: Bruno Karadža


A week ago, Szymon Walkow and Jan Zielinski got stuck in the doubles final, but they still won the ATP Challenger Split Open on the second attempt. This time no one could stop them, not even the French combination in the final match.


Dominantly and without losing a set in four matches, Walkow and Zielinski won the Split Open. After yesterday's revenge on Golubev and Nedovyesov for the defeat in last week's final, today they defeated Gregoire Barrere and Alban Olivetti at 6:2, 7:5 in the fight for the trophy. It was their third joint final at the Challengers and their first title, after losing to Biella this year, in addition to Split last week.


Photo: Bruno Karadža


- It's a great feeling to win the tournament after we stayed short last week. We took revenge on Golubev and Nedovyesov and went to the end. We are very happy and look forward to the continuation of the season - said Zielinski, a 24-year-old from Warsaw, while his partner from Wroclaw added:

- We started playing together last year because of the Davis Cup, and this was our fifth joint performance this year. We're getting better.
Walkow and Zielinski are a relatively new double, but they are playing better and better and it is only a matter of time before we watch them in even bigger tournaments on the ATP Tour. By the way, the Poles are in a great mood during these two weeks in Split, they are always together and support each other in matches, and so it will be tomorrow when their Kacper Žuk plays the singles final against Mathias Bourgue.

- We hope for his victory so that we can take home both trophies - said Zielinski, who will share 2670 euros and 80 points with Walkow, while the defeated Barrere and Olivetti will get 1500 euros and 48 points.


Szymon Walkow/Jan Zielinski (Poland) – Gregoire Barrere/Albano Olivetti (France) 6:2, 7:5